We recently saw the Floridia road rage accident of a pick up driver http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/all-around-ass…. The quickest way to take a tail-gater out of the equation is to move over a lane or pull over to let them pass if it is safe to do so. Slowing down purposefully will only agitate them more. Sure it makes you feel better that you've made them as upset as you are, but it will not help the situation. Keeping calm and staying in control of your emotions will help you stay in control of your car and the situation. Brake checking is never the answer. It could not only hurt them, but hurt you, as well as others. It is extremely dangerous and in some states considered an aggression. It is not your job to enforce the rules of the road. If you truly feel they are driving reckless and someone should show some authority towards them, safely pull over and call the police. Do not instigate or provoke by mouthing off or gesturing. Do not speed up. More than likely they will still continue tailgating.

Most, if not all, defensive driving classes will teach you to simply pull over and distance yourself from the aggressor by slowing down. It really is the safest way. Here is a site that can give you some useful tips on how to handle the situation:

California state law even suggest that the best action is to mover over and distance yourself:
https://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/curriculu… Page 6 Section 07.A.06 (5) "Keep aware of drivers tailgating you and avoid them by:
(a) moving to another lane, (b) slowing down to encourage them
to pass, (c) pulling over to let them pass."

Please don't tailgate. Please don't retaliate. Losing a few seconds to move out of the way is always a better alternative than the potential of losing your life or someone else losing theirs due to unsafe driving.