PSA on Tailgating (friendly reminder)

I love all my fellow oPPo’s, but it seems some (maybe more than I saw in one post) think it’s okay to brake check tailgater’s. Heck some believe it is the only solution to a tailgater.

I’m here to tell you friend, it is not okay. The best way to deal with a tailgater is to move over, let them pass and then move back / be on your merry way. Brake checking only inflames the situation and can lead to outcomes where no one is a winner. Heck most the outcomes from the brake checking are that no one wins.


The tailgater after being brake checked isn’t going to have a revelation that they are being a Grade ‘A’ douche-nozzle.... no no no. What will likely happen is they will become enraged, further getting up your butt, further enraging you and... yea you get it, vicious cycle leading to dangerous situation/outcome.

So please fellow oPPo’s heed my warning and be the bigger person. You could be saving your life, the person behind you and fellow traveler’s lives on the road. A few seconds is not worth missing out on all the great joys of life (left-lane hogging is not one of them).

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