Today, I got a rubber bracelet from a table at my college. The cause was anti-hazing, so I signed a poster supporting the end to hazing and received a rubber bracelet; it was purple with yellow letters that said “Stop the Hazing”. It was a good cause and I like colorful things: a win for me.

Once I got to my class, I saw the other side of the bracelet, which said “Fly High Max”. I thought about that and the colors of the bracelet. Then, I finally put the pieces together.

Wow. I remember when this story first happened; Roswell is probably 30 miles from home. Though I’m far away from the metro now, most of the people at my college also hail from the metro area, especially regions such as northern Fulton County, where this guy lived. In fact, I’ve even been to the school Max went to a few times.

As a freshman in college, too, I’ve been extremely careful: I haven’t been to any frat parties or bars, engaged in any risky activities, or even stayed out past midnight. Though my actions may be considered too modest by some, I’m proud of the way I am, and the decisions I’ve made have worked out in my favor. For those of y’all that are in college: please make good decisions. These years are important for us, and we don’t want to mess them up.