Click this: ; Alternatively add ?tiger=off or ?tiger=on to the end of the URL in your address bar to switch between formats. to revert Opposite Lock.

It will switch you to the old format!

Thanks to Andrew Daisuke, who originally pointed out this workaround.

Edit: I really want everyone who needs it to be able to see this, so please excuse the repost.


You can toggle between formats on any page, although why you might want to is beyond me at this time. :)

Use the text string ?tiger=on at the end of the URL in the address bar to switch to the latest format, and ?tiger=off to switch back to the older format.


Thanks to extraspecialbitter for the clue on how to do this.

Update: The only use I have so far for the new format are the crowdsource interviews like Ask Tuner And Venom GT Builder John Hennessey Anything You Want; the new format brings the answered questions and answers to the top of the que, the only redeeming feature I have seen so far for the new setup. Unfortunately it is unable to do so in chronological order!


Update: 3/14 (Happy Pi Day)

To revert Opposite Lock:

There is now A Chrome Extension that does this for you!…