Yesterday, I responded (along with most of the first responders in my county) to a horrific car wreck. Single vehicle (Ford Explorer Sport. 5 passenger capacity) rollover with 7 (!) passengers inside. At least 4 of them were unrestrained and ejected from the vehicle upon multiple rollovers. The ages were around 4 years to late teens. Adults in the front seat, reasonably unharmed. The children/teens were almost all ejected from the vehicle. At least two of them had been riding in the cargo area of the vehicle prior to the wreck. The most bald tires I have ever seen in my life.

People, hear this and commit it to memory forever: SEAT BELTS SAVE LIVES. If all of these people had been restrained properly they would very likely all still be alive. Because of A) inappropirate adult enforcement of seat belts, B) inappropriate number of seats for the passengers inside and C) Complete lack of safety maintenance of the vehicle, this family has suffered great loss. Looking at the vehicle and how it rolled, it could very well have been easily survivable.


These deaths and injuries were mostly preventable. Please, do better. I don’t ever want to respond to a scene like that again.

As a side note, if you are a rubber-neckin’ fuck who doesn’t pay attention to the road as you drive by a scene of an accident, subsequently wrecking yourself, you are the lowest of the low. I have zero respect for you. You just took valuable resources from this scene to nurse your hurt pride and hurting finger because you’re a fucking idiot. No sympathy for you.

End rant. Sorry. I needed to vent today.