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PSA to the Douche GT350R Driver

Man, I get it, you were a douche before, and now you’re worse, but if a man is walking through Cars & Coffee with his two young children, and they have deviated into the parking spot that you happen to want because they moved over to let you pass, even though you’re 2 hours late to the start of the festivities, you do not have the right to rev up your compensation machine to try to make said man and his two young children move faster. You wait, because this is a pedestrian activity and you can go fuck yourself.

This happened to me this past weekend, and I’m still peeved about it. If the kids wouldn’t have been in danger, I would have stood there for eternity and dared the ass to run me over. I could use the chance to relieve him of his car. Ugh, people. Pretty much everyone else understood that I was trying to expose my children to the car scene, and made concessions to the fact that they are short, and only move fast when they want to. Piss off, mustang guy.


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