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PSA: Unsafe to shop at Fred Myer, a Kroger company

On Saturday we stopped at Fred Myer in Monroe, WA to pick up a few groceries. WA state has issued an order that anyone inside a business must wear masks at all times, despite the obvious benefits and the fact that it’s the law roughly 10% of shoppers did not have a mask on. This store does not monitor people walking in and making sure they’re adhering to the law like Costco does.

Now to the shocking thing we saw: an employee re-stocking fresh produce with no mask on. I couldn’t believe it. Rather than making a scene (and being accused of acting like Karen) we left the store and called the produce manager when we got home. The manager said he would have a word with the employee and see if he’ll agree to wear a mask.. because after all the employee has rights.


Wanna get sick? Drop by Fred Myer- a Kroger company.

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