PSA: VW/Audi Three Pedal Oppos - Repost for Weekday Peeps

Remove your mothafockin “clutch delay valve”! I have always had a small to medium sized beef with factory VW/Audi manuals. Shifters are plasticky and I’ve always had to be uncomfortably slow with the clutch pedal particularly N>1, 1>2 shifts. Removing this tiny plastic piece made a world of difference.


I posted about this early in the week and I was on the fence about it. We did my buddy’s 13' Golf TDI. The CDV housing on his car was unable to accept a speed bleeder, which I now know, sucks. We TD’d his and he loved it. So on to mine which does accept a speed bleeder and it took maybe 15-20 pumps. Also amazing. I think down shifts are the most noticeable gain, in that I can execute them the same way I do on the M3 or 1502. N to first and first to second shifts feel much more natural. Clutch feel is still light but I can yank out the spring near the pedal and see how that feels.

“Bumperdillo” “Installed”

I also conquered my fear of bleeding. My best friend is at least 3 notches better than I when it comes to wrenching, and he ran the show but I did the work. It worked out perfectly because I got to do it with and without a speed bleeder, I got to see it from both sides (feel on the pedal side, and seeing the bubbles on the valve side), I learned that it is really a two person job, and I did it successfully twice.

I’ve done a valve adjustment on my M3 while half in the bag. (I did check them again before I put it back together...sober) but only one was out of spec. However I have been terrified of touching anything with hydraulic fluid. Even my inde mech has asked me why I don’t bleed the brakes on my own when I bring it in after I’ve done the pads and rotors. I’m just like, “I’m scurred, bro”

I’ll be yanking this out of my wife’s Forester (assuming it has one as I don’t like it’s clutch due to its similar feel) and the M3 even though that one has never bothered me.


Happy hot ass weekend.

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