I had to replace the exterior connector between the washer fluid reservoir and the tube that sends fluid up through the wiper blade on my Jag.

Apparently this broke quite some time ago, and the PO’s solution was to fuse an extra bit of tubing to the wiper tubing and connect everything together with tube connectors and superglueing it. When that finally broke the third time and I lost one of the connectors (try finding 1mm OD tube connectors, it isn’t fun), I decided to just order the proper parts.

Three weeks and $30 later, I received custom order parts from Jaguar that apparently had to be made in both Germany and the U.K.

In true Jaguar fashion, getting to this little plastic bit required dismantling the entire front cowl of the windshield and removing the wiper arm, for which, of course, there is a special Jaguar super arm extraction and insertion tool (I pried it off with a trim remover and hammered it back on with a mallet, because I am an animal).


After successfully removing all of the parts, cutting the old tube off of the wiper arm, and feeding it back through the labyrinthine route up the wiper arm, everything seemed to go off without a hitch.

One thing that did not occur to me as I stood outside of the car reaching into the cockpit to trigger the screen wash was that now that fluid didn’t have to travel through itty bitty connectors and years of accumulated superglue, it was no longer going to release a gentle mist. As soon as I pressed the button, it released an impressively strong stream of washer fluid at the windshield, which promptly deflected into my face.

I think I’m not going to go blind though, so mission accomplished.