So, I’ve been hesitant to post about this for a couple weeks, but here goes: I more than likely have HPV. The good news? The strains that cause warts are not the cancerous ones, and that’s what I have. And what does this have to do with sex ed? Well, they blatantly lie to kids and I’m absolutely pissed. When I first noticed a bump down there, I seriously thought it was the end of the world. I had been taught in school that all STDs are dangerous and permanent. Neither of those are the case with [most forms of] HPV. I also could have benefitted from hearing that more than half of everyone will come down with this at some point in their life. (According to Planned Parenthood, that number is 80% for women and 50% for men)

So... yeah. If you’re young and inexperienced in life like I am, here’s the important thing to take from this: genital warts are virtually harmless, and the infection will go away within two years in almost every case. So I’m like..... 4% of the way there.

That said, I’m still getting checked out. (and you should, too, if you ever show symptoms)

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