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Puebla City.

We, the Capitalinos, call other states “provincia” it isn’t in reference to Canada... It’s reference to the old, antiquated times. But they aren’t having any of it anymore.

Mexico City is losing it’s edge, crime, pollution, expense... As a consequence of that hundreds of thousands of us left to the lesser provinces and modeled them after our own image. They built the elevated ring roads in Guadalajara, they finally approved the sky scrapers in Puebla, and maybe one day... They’ll see the light about gay marriage in Queretaro.


Or maybe we’re gonna force that one down their evangelical throats...

Anyway, Puebla is having a really tough time of late: all the change around, it’s not easy on anyone seeing their state change so quickly.

It’s not helped by the death of their governor back in December. The special election in a few months is in the eyes of the nation, and the front runner is facing internal pressure to let go.

Yes, once unstoppable Miguel Barbosa was served up a fine yesterday, for campaign law violations, together with members of his own party, Morena, publicly against him he’ll still be the front runner in the race, but it’ll becoming increasingly harder for him to win it.


It’s not helping that the Conservative Party is running one of Morena’s own men, in the form of Enrique Cardenas Sanchez, who was supposed to take Barbosa’s spot ten months ago in the regular elections. But here I can’t really tell.

It’s quiet, it’s early in the workday, and stuff seems to work. Of course, Puebla changed hands: a year ago this provincia elected mayors and legislators in a manner that gives Morena -the liberals- the biggest voice in the congress, the most state and local resources, and even the mayoral seat of the capital city herself.


But it’s quiet. Maybe they don’t like loud stuff, not after the horrible election they had. They’re still reeling.... they want to let go but fate went against them. And an incident left them without a governor. So they can’t let go... Not after having more than a year’s worth of campaign ads bursting through the speakers of countless TVs and radios, and images of smiling men plastered across hundreds of billboards around the city.

It’s strange, because despite the sky scrapers, and the fancy BRTs, and the liberal mayors, Puebla is still antiquated... They had to hold on to the 2018 elections, even if it was against their will, and even if everyone else has moved on from them. Because despite the quiet I can feel the way this college student is looking at me when she hands over my drink. I know she knows I’m not from Puebla, maybe she saw my pink license when I took money out of my wallet. She knows I don’t have to deal with this bullshit, and the envy shows.


“Do you like Mexico City?” she asks.

“Not always, do you like Puebla?” I answer back.

“I loved it.” she concludes.

Elections are hard to deal with, specially when there’s ballot stuffing, murder, and ransom linked to them. Puebla went through hell in the last cycle... In many ways I’m surprised there wasn’t talk of divisionism...The strain of putting them in the position to vote again while trying to heal last year’s open wound, it’s going to hurt them.


To the extent that they can’t even keep quiet about it.

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