The closest salvage yard to me is Pull A Part. Their site said they had a 1999 Jetta, so I took the risk, paid a dollar, and found.... a 1999.5 Jetta. Welp.

I did, however, run into the guy who sold me the car, who was there for another car. He said he had the pump assembly- I followed him home and got it for a handshake. His son, who had put the Euro center console in, swapped me for the Cabrio one, so now my interior looks like this:


I need to find a parking brake boot and a mounting bracket, but at least it’s all one color now. He said there was another yard that had a few Cabrios about 45 minutes away, so I’ll do that... eventually.

Oh, and also I bought another set of wheels from him.

Should snow tires (rallycross tires) go on the baskets or the snowflakes?


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