"pulls a bit to the left"

The truck does, what did you think I was referring to?

Alignment is fine. Brake caliper is dragging apparently. I know because I just burned my fingertip on the rotor. Balance was done and will be paid for by CustomWheelOffsets due to their bad batch of weight stickies. I’m guess it managed to seize up during the weeks I was working on the suspension and didn’t notice it during my test drive (low speeds).

Option A: all new calipers, rotors, pads courtesy of Ford (front only) for $1300.


Option B: $9 pin guide and bolt + $9 brakes boots

Option C: Option B + new rotors and pads ~$250 best powerstop deal I’ve found.

Im probably going option B just for convenience sake and I just want to drive the damned thing finally.


This post may have been a flagrant excuse to post pictures of her.

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