I just watched “Pump” on Netflix. Review:

It is infuriating. Just one facepalm after another. The whole movie is about the advancement of alternative fuels, but mostly ethanol. It goes fine for an hour and then they start talking about running ethanol in your vehicles. They talk to an engineer and a CEO of a flexfuel conversion company, And according to these people all you need to run ethanol in your OBD2 equipped vehicle is a computer program. No hardware whatsoever, just software. They claim to have done Lamborghinis, V12 Mercedes, and Porsches and everything works perfectly. They don’t mention any sort of potential negative effects, such as fuel system damage, not even a mention of decreased mileage in 87 minutes of film. They also claim their is a conspiracy where GM intentionally makes cars run worse on E85 by retarding timing just to make ethanol look bad. He seems to think your car should run the same on ethanol as gas. The engineer then takes his Cobalt out to do slow motion handbrake turns in a parking lot to attract the ladies. Terrible, biased film. It just makes me scared to think of all the people who saw this and started running E85 in their cars that aren’t made for it, because I could end up with their old car somewhere down the line.