Pumpkin by the pool

I am cooling off after cardiac rehab. Pumpkin has recently decided that the back yard is hers. When we got her, we had old dogs that were in their teens, and one in particular did not allow any cats, including ours, in the backyard. He was fine with them in the house, but went nuts if he saw them out back. Thus, Pumpkin, social little monkey that she is, took to the roof, as you have seen in my photos. This has changed.

2 of the 3 old dogs passed, and Toby and Daisy joined the family. Pumpkin loves Toby, and he knows he is not supposed to kill her. Daisy attacks her, but Pumpkin finds this very entertaining. So she now hangs out on the ground, and wanted my attention when I was in the pool.


She is the most sociable kitty we have ever had, and it makes her lots of fun.

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