I punched a car yesterday afternoon. I wanted to knock off the rear-view mirror like you see the bicyclists do in those interweb videos. But the mirror was just outta reach. Luckily the passenger window was close... like, really close.

I was on my motorbike heading home from work yesterday afternoon. While crossing town, some guy decides to merge right into me/my lane. It was a 35 mph zone but with a lot of congestion (5:0o o’clock traffic) where everyone was moving swiftly (hauling ass) to get home. I couldn’t just hit my brakes for fear that whatever was behind me would flatten me.

But I was getting squeezed, and fast! I remember seeing him come in my lane, I went to the right side of the lane to escape him. I was way right, with the curb maybe 10 inches from my wheel... And the car was still coming!

I laid down on the horn! Nothing. He was still coming, at this point his passenger window was inches from my handlebar end- and the bike was only 7-8 inches from the curb now..!

That’s when I started punching the F*%k out of his window.

That got his attention, and he corrected.. Naturally, we had some choice words at the next stoplight.


I once joked to a friend that I was gonna carry a hammer on the bike to wail on cars that got too close... I might revisit that idea......

Anyway- be careful out there hombres!


Or I might beat your car’s ass!