Punchy Morning

Woke up this morning feeling ill. Very little sleep last night. But I have a good story for you.

This seal is for an unaccredited law school operated out of a strip mall by a lawyer I am working against.


I have been dealing with this nutty lawyer on a very contentious case for about 5 years. The case involves a workplace accident, and this guy has sued a variety of corporate entities operated by my client. I got almost all of them dismissed out, and that part is presently on appeal. There are a couple of entities left in the case that are being defended by an insurance lawyer.


The nutty lawyer hates me, and has been calling my client and me racist and heartless throughout the case. He subpoenaed one of my client’s employees for a deposition set for today. He is an older man who speaks very little English, so he took the papers to the company office yesterday to ask what it was all about.

The Office Manager called my office, and my bilingual associate explained that the papers require him to appear for a deposition. The man expressed concern, because he lives in the small town where he works, and transportation to the deposition location would be a problem. There is no Uber in Terra Bella, CA, a town that is barely a dot on the map.


He also said he would like my associate to attend, so he could ask questions about the process in Spanish if necessary.

So I emailed the lawyer, and explained the situation, including providing an affidavit from the witness. I said my client could provide conference room, and I couls have my associate there if we could reschedule to next week for the convenience of the witness. The lawyer went crazy, and accused me of lying. I pointed out that he did not arrange a Spanish interpreter, so the deposition would be pointless anyway.


He wrote this in an email about the witness:

“Mr. Alcantar has been here for a number of years. I assume he has a working familiarity with the English language.”


Whoa. That is not going to look good in court.

I have clients who have been here for decades and operate successful businesses, and speak no English. This case is in Tulare County, a place with a substantial population of non-English speaking immigrants.


And I thought I was supposed to be the racist in this case.

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