She rode around in my truck today for a few hours and wasn’t nearly as skiddish. Sure for the first ten minutes she kept trying to climb over my shifter and onto my lap, including anytime the vehicle slowed down which included traffic lights, 4-way stops, and pedestrian crossings. But we’re all alive so it’s all gravy.

On the ride home from my parents, she was much more settled, but HAD to touch me by any means necessary. For 30 minutes she had her head rested over my right arm. She kept falling asleep so I had to try to shift with my wrist and keep my arm steady, and this truck has long throws. Cute photo op, but with a shifter and dog in one hand and a cell phone in the other, I would be dead.

At home, with the proper treats as a reward, she actually listed to my commands! She fetched, dropped, stayed, and sat. And then she chased the cat again -_-

And she hasn’t gone to the bathroom inside yet today! Oh, new bonus room floor. You may get one day off yet.