I finally got myself a threaded adapter so I can run different shifter knobs on the BMW. The stock ones just clamp on. The inside of the shifter is plastic and there is alittle ridge on the shifter that it clicks onto. Companies do make aftermarket BMW specific shifters but they are usually boring looking, and EXPENSIVE. And 9/10 out of timer he have M/// logos and my car doesn’t any M parts so it shouldn’t have any M logos. I want to make sure this adapter works before I spend 30-40 bucks on a knob I really like so I picked up this one for 15 bucks on Amazon. The adapter itself was 10.

This does raise the shifter a bit, but I kind of like that. The adapter is just a simple aluminum piece with 3 screws that hold onto the shaft. I have little faith that it’ll hold tight, but we shall see. I do kind of wish I had gotten the raw aluminum one. I also wish it came down all the way to the boot. Maybe I’ll do some searching and find one that does. 


I’m happy to have a little more color and customization in my car. And it’s completely reversible so that’s good.

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