Never got a chance to go look at the ‘13 GW250 this weekend. My water heater started puking rusty water out of the taps, so the bike budget just got smaller.

I’ve scaled back my budget and expectations, and yesterday went and looked at this ‘91 GS500. And let me tell you, that picture makes it look good by comparison to what I found when I got there. This thing was the definition of “run hard and put away wet”. Ugly, terrible repaint with peeling stickers, scratches & surface rust on the frame, etc. But the engine fired right up(though it idled a bit rough), there was good brake pads and plenty of tread on the tires. The chain & sprockets where hilariously worn though, and probably a few hundred miles from sheering the tiny nubs of teeth off the back sprocket.

Took it around the parking lot though and it pulled hard and handled pretty good. As a low-expectation project bike it wasn’t a completely terrible start.

However, I offered them $700 and they told me they were firm on $1000, as that is what they’d given for it on trade for another bike. Given I could see $250+ in parts needed without even tearing into it, I walked away.

I’ve got an email out to this guy, though I’m hesitant to buy a bike I can’t take for a test drive, even at that price.