I’ve never dyno’d a car before but it went more or less as how I imagined it. Put car on roller, snug it down, rev it out. The bits I didn’t know but the guy who ran the dyno (he’s the official and only guy who does NASCAR) was kind enough to explain how he was also measuring fuel and air intake to see how well the car was actually tuned - not just how much power it makes. He confirmed that my shifting just short of redline was totally correct. My butt dyno was on the money.

The shocking part is the results.

The final results are mind blowing.

This is a car I bought for $3,500 that’s 26 years old and maintained by people who use chopped lamp cords as stereo wire. It’s got an LT1 engine that left the factory a quarter of a century ago pushing 300hp and 340 lb pounds of torque. That’s measured at the crank.


Three pulls later the engine has AT THE WHEELS this:


296hp and 318tq. Hot damn. It’s an antique with attitude. Also since the kind guy running things explained the lines of the bottom of the graph to me and showed how fuel and air use were dead even that the car is, as he put it, perfectly tuned.

These were not at all the results I was expecting friends. Not one bit. I’m stoked.