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Put out a feeler on the Rebel

As previously reported, I want to trade my Rebel for something different. It’s a fun bike and I love it, though I’m feeling I love the look of the bike more than the bike itself. I really want a Grom and/or a more powerful cruiser, sportbike, maybe even something else if it looks interesting enough.

So far I haven’t gotten any lowball offers. I specifically noted that I’m looking for trades or no less than $900.

First trade offer was an 80s TW200 with an ATV rear tyre. Cool, though not my kind of thing right now. Second offer was a Gorilla Motor Works 50cc scooter. Third offer was a four wheeler.


Not sure if I actually will follow through on trading it right now (I kinda want to wait to see if Decay lets go of his VTX), but I’m wanting to see how much people think it’s worth! :)

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