Took all of 15 minutes and I think they look a lot better than the ones that the car came with. They should have come like this from the factory. I actually got the kindeys from BMW. It’s a big improvement over this:


This is now the third BMW I’ve put black kindeys on.

The M3:

The E90 M3 actually uses the same kidneys as the E92, despite it being a sedan. The E90 and E92 kindeys are usually different, however because the E9X M3s all use the same front bumper, the kidneys are all the same despite being slightly different chassises.

The 135is:


For Christmas in 2015, I gave my dad some black kidneys for the 135is. He usually doesn’t want for much and if he does he buys it. I figured he wasn’t going to buy them for himself so I figured it’d be a good gift.

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