Put The "No Seasons" Back On

It was like my car took a Xanax, so much more calm. I’m driving to STL/O’Fallon tomorrow and decided that the combination of very worn summer tires and a possibility of rain was no bueno.

Old pic of car on the 16" wheels I just put back on

The 17" x 275 width AutoX tires and wheels love to follow ANY grooves in the road. The last time I drove it in the rain the car was quite a handful, hunting all over and hydroplaning. The 16" x 245s are so much quieter, softer, and more laid back. It turned the whole demeanor of the car back to a highway cruiser.


Also, I bought these all seasons like a month before I put the Summers on, so they’re essentially brand new, with less than 1,000 miles.

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