Put the PA Performance starter in the '67 Mustang

And it sounds weird. Like a cross between a Ford truck and a Honda starter. But boy does it start. And it spins faster, with less battery drain. It also weighs half as much since it's a PMGR. I'll post a video of it starting sometime so you all can hear the oddity of it. It doesn't fit with the car to my ear because I've heard that classic Ford sound for so long.

Install took me maybe 40 minutes taking my sweet time, routing the starter wires all prettily.


There's a writeup FordMuscle did that's better than anything I could do, so http://fordmuscle.com/archives/2001/…

Also, my auto trans is leaking fluid like a sieve. A 5 speed is in order, just have to find one I can rebuild after I get a workbench put together.

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