I started another blog. Separate. I posted a very short story on OPPO a while back but all it did was fuel my further interests in the short story ideas. I even had an idea on how to organize it. How to put myself out there and be responsible to what I’m wanting to accomplish. I announced my participation in National Novel Writing Month for this year. On top of that I have about five other stories with the legs to at least become novelettes and several other decent length short stories to pursue. And then, there’s this blog, growing in entries like a monster. Until I improve the ability of crafting and editing and revising, I know I’m not big enough to tackle the storylines in my mind. But I will be.

Writing well. Heh. On any of my OppO posts, noticeably, I rarely edit and you’re damn lucky if you get the first letter of anything capitalized. I spew what I think and find and there it is. *click*

To actually put down some stories, I know improvement has to be made. Shoot, I didn’t know the magic of writing multiple drafts until a college English professor made that part of the class work. What? I get to hand in multiple drafts? What’s this shit? That High-School teacher was an A-hole.

So, I’ve given myself a challenge to improve my writing. It’s using what limited skill and knowlege I have at the moment while working on what I never bothered to learn twenty-five years ago in school. So, the creative writing aspect of myself? Here it is. On display, like entering the gym shower for the first time with that year’s new class.

It works like this. I limit the space I have on hand to get a story, or beginning of one, written down and then clean it up for the blog entry itself. The space itself forces me to condense the story leaving out frivilous junk and fragments. Tight, concise, direct. So, I hope you enjoy it. I hope you leave comments on what you liked and didn’t. If interested, please follow the wordpress blog. There will always be a silly or serious and crazy idea to throw down on the page.


Rough Drift: “Small” writing challenges for my small writing talent