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Pyrrhic victory

Pic somewhat unrelated.
Pic somewhat unrelated.
Photo: Myself

The Subaru is back, and the Town & Country is gone. That van barely even paid for itself... barely... but for what it was, it was an experience unto itself. Vans are fun.


But back to the Subaru.

Today, the Subaru passed inspection with flying colors, but it always seems to find some way to spite me. The negative terminal worked itself loose, so it died in the middle of a small incline after a left turn, which was... great fun. I limped it to where I needed to go (which thankfully had a tool kit with a 10mm socket I could use), then it sat for about an hour and a half. When I started driving it again, the power steering pump protested and whined whenever it was off-center, so I chose the straightest path home and made sure that I didn’t stress the power steering pump. When I checked it, it was full of the requisite ATF, but it was boiling and bubbling.


Oppo, I call upon your hivemind knowledge so I can know what I’m getting into and what I should be looking for in and around the pump.

(Also, what the hell is with Kinja forcing attribution rights to pictures? When did they add this anyways?)

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