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Qdoba Smothered Burrito Oppo Review

Full disclosure: Qdoba wanted me to eat a smothered burrito so badly that they did a buy one get one free deal on New Year's day that I happily partook in. I needed to try another trim level (sauce) and lunch was coming so figured the timing was right. Will the $8 be worth it?

Exterior 7/10

I have to admit, it's a little dull looking in that off-white container.

Anyways, this is a Verde Sauce Smothered Burrito. The cheese melting on top only hints at what's to come. Solid temptation factor that makes up for the burrito, cheese and sauce seemingly blending in with the bowl. The corn, poured over the fajita veggies, brightens things up a bit. I promise you that much.

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Interior 6.5/10

Inside this flour tortilla is chicken with some of the aforementioned verde sauce. We have black and pinto beans tossed with some white cilantro rice. Solid burrito fare. The verde sauce is a little overwhelming, not really letting the other components out from its blanket of tangy-ness. The tortilla is well wrapped, properly steamed, stretchy but not sticky. Beans are plentiful, chicken is well portioned. Overall, slightly above average.


Toys 10/10

Want guacamole? Sure! Fajita veggies for your burrito? Have at it! Corn salsa? Let me put that on the side so you can do your thing later. Whatever you want from that steam tray is yours. This is where Qdoba has kicked Chipotle's ass, IMO. They have let me do what I want to my burrito, no questions asked. I've loaded it up and always come away happy.


Overall 23.5/30

This is a solid entry from Qdoba to keep their menu funky fresh. It's not a burrito bowl but it's not a burrito in itself (definitely fork and knife territory). It is almost like having an enchilada with burrito components on standby. For this, I salute them.


Check out the Chipotle one I got on New Year's day. This one had a little better appeal and flavor so would rate about 25/30...a solid win that day.

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What did you have today?

A note on my grading:

1 - God aweful

3 - Below average

5 - Average

7 - Above average

10 - Burrito yeah!

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