Perfect timing. Just thought of this on the week before Valentine's day. Now I'm not going to buy a car just based on this, nor should anyone else...except the 1% who can have a car for each event and occasion.

-Expensive and exclusive, though not as much so he will be nervous? Check

-Extravagant, but not gaudy? Check

-Italian? Check

-Flowing curvy lines, sleek profile? Check

-Mellifluous V8 purr? Check

-Italian? Check

-Wind blowing in her hair? Check

-Red? Check

-Italian? Check

I present to you: The Maserati GranTurismo Cabriolet.

Aaargh my picture keeps getting rejected. Is this the "Nibbles" everyone keeps talking about?

But I'm sure that most of you know what it looks like.

EDIT: Now that I think of it, the Maser's sister car, the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, would do quite well also.