QOTD: Starter for 30

Mille Miglia? Monaco Grand Prix? Monaco Grand Prix Historique? What's the best way to lose one's grand event virginity when going 30?

I'm turning 30 in June and I am a citizen of Hungary while having some plans. I should explain the middle part: I'm on a tight budget while being not too far from either Northern Italy or Monte Carlo to have a blast at celebrating.


Turns out I got some really good gigs for the first half of this year, which means I'm earning a crap load of money for a few months while being obliged to repay some debt. At the same time I've experienced some early-adult life crisis by realizing not having been to any major motor racing event in my entire life except an excursion to Rally Wales in 2012 while living in Britain.

Tossing away some fear of going bankrupt I got to thinking how to fill this void on a relatively tight budget. A trip to Northern Italy to experience the Mille Miglia or witnessing the Monaco Grand Prix (either the F1 race or the historic event) has definitely been on my bucket list for quite some time, so I checked international coaches on speculative basis.

Indeed, there are two great buses with one of them heading to Montpellier, all the way from Bucharest, Romania while passing through Brescia and Nice, and there's another one going straight to Northern Italy through Padova and Bologna - both of them overnight stops for the 2014 edition of the Mille Miglia.

That said, I cannot afford any tickets and whatnots for any of the Monaco events, I'm just hoping to see something, but I'm more interested in the atmosphere of it anyway, however the Mille Miglia is completely free to watch up close.


Travelling is incredibly cheap, the base price for a return ticket would cost cca €80/$110 to Nice, €40/$60 to Bologna and €30/$45 to Padova. What makes the travel to Nice a bit complicated is that it stretches to a 5-day event from the doorstep to return and accomodation is not too affordable in the area, however I found some great camping sites nearby, which would mean that a Monte Carlo trip would cost not much more than €150/$200 (tent included), which might not seem like a lot of money, it is - however - something I'd consider spending wisely.


The Brescia option for the Mille Miglia with the same bus would be something similar, so I dumped the idea and went for the Padova/Bologna option instead. Wouldn't have to spend days for the bus to return, it'd just drop me off on the day the cars arrived (late at night on both occasons) and only had to wait for the next afternoon for the bus to return, so I could virtually get away with the price of the travelling alone. While Padova is closer and cheaper, Bologna is at the weekend, so I wouldn't have to skip work by any means.


So the question really is: both of the events are really affordable, but which shall I choose to celebrate my 30th? Is the Monaco GP overrated, perhaps? Does the historic race lack the "event" status the "big one" definitely has? Is the Mille Miglia just some old cars cruising by? (of course not, but you get my meaning)


I mean - has anybody been to these events? Which would you chose again?

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