QOTD: Which tools and supplies are worth "cheaping out" on?

Black Friday is associated with electronic swag nowadays, and Jalops are no exception as gizmos like the full array of Garmins and other accessories flew out the stores. But of course, the literal basic tools that go into a ride are no exception to Black Friday deals either. Steven Lang of The Truth About Cars waxes nostalgia about some previous automotive Black Friday deals and what's good and what's utter garbage. And Mike Spinelli has previously shared his experiences. So I ask, when you're in a money pinch what's worth absolutely cheaping out on? The Valvoline mentioned in the article is of course quality stuff, but I'd be afraid of buying a no-name brand of something I'm supposed to put in my engine. Mr. Lang disagrees, but I for one have actually had some pretty decent experience with some ultra-cheap wrench sets - of course, I don't use them every day either.


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