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Quarantine 1

So, since I’m home and want to pretend I’m working I’m going to do complete paint correction, touch up and interior cleaning / repairs to all of the household cars. I’ve started with her Kia which has needed paint correction for a few years. I didn’t take any before shots, but it was pretty rough.

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I started yesterday around 9 a.m. Worked til around 6 and repeated today til 6:30. Carpets in these are hard to clean, vacuum, scrub with heavy soap and a power scrubber, followed by another vac then extracted. Then extracted the seats and scrubbed the rest of the interior including waxing door jambs. Followed by a wash under the hood, and a wax removing wash on the exterior.

Day 2. Started by decontaminating the paint, sanding some scratches then to buffing. 3M perfect it compound, followed by 3M polish, 3 coats of Chemical Bros. Butter wax (had to go buy something as I couldn’t find what I had...figured I’d see what the fuss about the brand is. After wax I put a coat of Mothers Ceramic Coating (CMX or something like that). Then paint touch up and a few vinyl and plastic repairs.


Next up is the Mazda 5...

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