Ubel's post about the Subaru 16-second-drag-wonder made me think. What would you consider a fast quarter mile for a car from the factory these days? I think my car is capable of 14.2 stock. I'd like to think this starts to get into the realm of a reasonably fast quarter mile time. With more performance geared cars getting into the 12's, such as the new Corvette and the Mustang GT.

It's interesting how much of a difference a few seconds make in what I would consider a slow (16), a fast (14) and a very fast (12) quarter mile. But once you consider how much it takes to get that extra .1 second at those faster times, it comes back into perspective. The law of diminishing returns is very big here. I can spend $1100 to get into the mid-high-12's, but I'd probably spend another $2000 (at least), to get into the the low-12's, high-11's.