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I’m finally kicking off the Ranger build this weekend.

I have a roof rack and roof rack basket coming in plus two sets of light bars. Due to the hilarious shortage of Ranger custom parts out there, the roof rack is going to be an interesting creation. It’s not going to hold much weight though, basically a 5gal jerry can or two.


ETA: Eh, cooler is better in the cab, how else am I going to get water on the trails?

ETA 2: Sounds like fuel on the roof is a bad idea. Well, since I already just have the cans laying around I’ll just have them empty. I’ve never heard of anyone running out of fuel on these rallies anyway.

From there I’ll try to figure out a snorkel and that leaves me with two big iffy bits: Bumper and skid plate.

I want to protect the radiator from getting killed and I really want to get rid of my broken bumper.


Unfortunately, the only custom bumper on the market costs nearly as much as I paid for the truck, so no. My idea for a solution is to just cover the remainder of the existing bumper in bedliner then send it as is, or find someone who can do a pre-runner style bumper for cheap. I also want a winch but I doubt I will be able to get one in time for October.

Next on the list is skid plate. For this I have three ideas, there is a decently affordable aftermarket one for $250 or so, again have someone fab me one, or...


HDPE board. This stuff is pretty darn cheap and easy to cut and mount. But how would it be on the trails and mud? My Ranger will probably never go rock crawling so that isn’t a worry.


Of course, any advice will be helpful. While the Ranger is a Gambler I also kinda want to make sure I at least semi do things right. lol

ETA 3: So, it looks like premade parts are slim pickings. That $250 skid plate is the only option for the front, with OEM everywhere else unless I wanna start learning how to weld in less than a month. Of course, custom stuff is possible and I do have the people who can do it.

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