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Quest Complete!

Hey guys,

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On Black Friday I posted about buying a Nissan Quest entirely online. I flew to Atlanta on Friday to pick it up but only now have time to post about it!

Traveling from Pensacola to Atlanta was uneventful, except when I landed in CLT the plane parked at the gate intended to fly us to ATL was determined broken and had to be towed away and replaced with another A319 from the hangar. A forty minute delay later and I was on my way.


Once in ATL, I fired up Uber to request a car was a beige Camry. I literally attempted to get into the wrong Camry THREE. TIMES. I eventually started checking license plates because there were so many beige Camries.

My van was parked under a halo in the Carvana show room, waiting for me. I gave it a once over and a quick test drive, signed my registration and I was off! Totally easy and painless, the vehicle was exactly as described, looks and smells new.

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Now all it needs is tinted windows and some brand name tires. I love it!! SO. MUCH. SPACE. And even in a 4200 lb van (lol, this van weighs less than some Challengers) that VQ35 engine sings and hauls, at least when it’s empty.

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