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Quest for Wheels

This is probably getting old... Mazda6 or CX5? I've almost always had a hatch. I sort of require that level of utility from a vehicle. That's where the dog goes. The bass rig. Mulch. The ANSA muffler. Towels covered in poop (don't ask). It's easy entry and egress for the kinds of bulky, stinky, and unweildy stuff you have to deal with when you have a family, a home, a life.

Everything I've read about the CX5 indicates it's possibly the best car Mazda makes. Except, for the MIata of course. Miata is always the answer. And it does drive like a car, and a pretty good one at that. I won't bore you guys with my review, and there are thousands of them out there. But there's allegedly a diesel coming in a couple of months, which might get close to 60MPG on the highway if you believe the Canadians. That fue economy paired with wicked torque and a slick 6 speed autobox would be a badass DD. And for $28,000 in FWD Touring trim? Sign me up.

I guess. Why is this so hard? What car do I want? My wife wants a CRV simply because you can install a car seat in the middle using LATCH. That's really it. She hasn't driven it. She doesn't like the way it looks. But man, that car seat in the middle seals the deal. Ugh. We're going ot fight, aren't we?

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