Quest to get rid of my 2005 Junker

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My In-laws 2005 Nissan Minivan bit the dust and I am not sure how to get rid of it. 187,000 miles and they never changed the transmission oil. The radiator was recently replaced but I think the transmission got a bit hot and it no longer shifts past second. The trans coolers built into the radiator on this model has a known problem of mixing fluid but that didn’t happen so I dropped the pan (pain in the butt on this 4 speed transmission, 5 speed is much better for service), dropped the valve body, replaced the solenoids and filter, put it back in with new fluid. Same problem. I even disconnected the trans harness to put it in limp mode which should lock it in 3rd (two un-powered solinoids= 3rd)It would probably work fine with a new $400 valve body but I just don’t have time to mess with it or the inclination to put in any more money.


So time to junk it. But where? Online tools say they will come pick it up for $225. I figured that I could get a bit more if I drove it in second to a local salvage yard. I called one and they said $100 was the best they could do. Where are these cars going where it is easier, and I get more money for a tow truck to come to my house to take it away versus me driving somewhere.

Do any Oppo’s have tips on the best way to get rid of this and get more than the $225? I don’t want to deal with CL on a sub $500 vehicle with issues or parting it out. Just not worth the hassle and most every panel has been tapped (the photo is of its best side).

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