Why dont we get this engine?

Toyota 1VD-FTE

Single turbo, long life 4.5 liter diesel V8: 202 hp @ 3400, 317 ft-lbs from 1200-3200

Twin turbo high power 4.5 liter diesel V8: 261 hp @ 3400, 479 ft-lbs from 1600-2600

20 mpg in the ancient 70 series and 23 mpg in the 200 series land cruiser.

Can you imagine this in a Tunrda? seriously, put the single turbo in the Land cruiser 200 and the twin turbo in the tundra/LX570/sequoia.


btw - I know why we don't get it here, but it couldn't be that far off our emissions targets or that difficult to get it there. Its clean as a whistle as far as I can see.