What is the proper etiquette when bringing a car to a body/paint shop? I want to know what I need to do when I bring Emma in. I am missing quite a few bolts, I probably can't remember where some go, and I'm sure others are rusted beyond usefulness, should I bring those in? My car's entire doghouse is off, is there anything I need to do with that? The car doesn't drive so I assume they will just push it places. My shaker scoop has a chip taken out of it and I won't get it fixed until after I get the car dropped off. Since I foresee my car being in the shop several weeks, could I bring it in a few days after the car us dropped off? Oh, and there may a slight chance that my shaker might not fit under my hood perfectly because of a carb spacer, is that my problem to figure out or theirs (a fix would most likely include modifying the air cleaner)? Is there anything else I should know? I'm totally new to this entire process.