Would it or would it not be awkward to email the previous owner of my 944 to try and find info about the very first owner?

The car has improved much I think from when I bought it(below) to now(above). I’m the third owner and I only heard a little bit of the 1st owner’s story from the second owner.


But the more I work on the car, and the more I find, all the paint chips, some minor bondo work, small rust spots, the chips and such in the windshield; they all tell a story 31 years in the making with this car, and I’d very much like to know what happened in the 30 or so years before it came into my possession.


What’s more, when I had an Oppo do a Car Fax on the car that I originally thought was from Ohio, the earliest date, 2000, showed it to have been registered in Troy, Michigan. That’s not even 20 minutes from me. I know the car’s history from 2008-2014 because that’s all owner #2. But this Car Fax makes 2000-2007 weird. Then again, it’s a Car Fax...

So what do you lot think?

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