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Vtac Miata for your time. I have relatives that don’t believe in medicine. Their kid needs a real doctor. Can I do anything without parental consent? Anyone been in a similar situation?

2nd or 3rd cousins who live fairly close. I’ve met them twice, heard about them a few other times, cut them out of my life. I’m not going to beat around the bush, the parents are complete idiots and the two kids are suffering because of it. They’re only allowed to see naturopaths, which has gone just as poorly as you might imagine.


The parents are cut off from most of the family because... Well. What can you say to someone who believes tetanus shots are a conspiracy theory and are vehemently apposed to real, actual-this-stuff-works medicine? There’s a line of stupidity I can tolerate and the antivax crowd is well past that line. The kids however, are both welcome anytime and somehow have managed to grow into exceptionally sharp, motivated people despite the environment they’ve been brought up in. They occasionally show up or ask one of us for help and the rest of the family worries about them constantly (they’re 13 and 15).

The younger one called earlier describing symptoms that sound like tonsillitis, strep or some other throat infection. Swollen lymph nodes, very painful swallowing, red tonsils, fever, etc. I’d like to take him to a doctor that doesn’t believe in fairy magic and the power of healing words but I’m unsure how best to proceed. There is a 0% chance of getting either of the nut job parents to agree to this


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