It’s bad enough some people think they’re smarter than automatic headlights and proceed to drive with their DRLs on at night, but what happens when these new DRLs and headlights (LED, HID, Bi-Xenon, especially LEDs) burn out and people find out how much they are to replace? Something that’s been on my mind for a while.

Don’t get me wrong, automotive lighting hasn’t looked so awesome since the 60s-70s IMO, but those cars can have theirs fixed and replaced at auto parts stores...


Take the S550 Mustangs as a “cheap car” example... Fortunately on the 15-17 headlghts, you can replace the LED tribar DRLs and HID headlight bulbs without too trouble. You can’t replace the LEDs in the taillights when they go out. The whole assembly has to be replaced, and guess how much that is...

This is a case of not so bad IMO, and I’m sure they’ll last a very long time. Howabout something more expensive?


Can’t even find the price for replacement headlights for the S-Class with the super fancy opulent Swarovski LED crystal thingys. Something so fancy and such, wonder how much that’s gonna be whenever they dim out, or if you replace the entire unit? Maybe this is a future monopoly plan for dealers to make more service department moolah because reasons....Idk.


It’s bad enough I already see Dodges and BMWs of the last few years with burnt out DRLs and racetrack taillights and they look super cheap and janky when one bank or side is dim. Just think about further down the road...

On a side note, the Durango’s taillights use “192 LEDs”, I think it’d be funny to watch someone replace all or some of them when and if they went out.