Question [ANSWERED] about '60s Ford Drum Brakes

1965 Potato P-100

*I’m trying my darnedest but process isn’t really my thing! Problem solved by slowing down and reading carefully* 1965 Ford F100 with 11" manual front drums. I’m replacing the drums and shoes because they are ancient and noticed three brackets and a cable going around the rear half of the braking assembly. The new-looking brackets hook onto the rear shoe and you can see the cable going at a 45 degree angle down from the pivot, turning 90 degrees on the shoe and anchoring at the adjuster. What is it?


It’s not on the factory manual illustration. Could it be a later TSB that’s only listed in a supplemental manual, or perhaps a common modification? What the hell does it do? My best guess is that it is part of the self-adjuster. As of now, I’m planning on putting it back on, but it’s rather perplexing.

Thanks for the input!

EDIT: Here is the correct illustration

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