Question about aerospace engineering and the space industry...

I have always wanted to be an astronaut, it's one of my few unrealistic dreams. Recently, I've been open to the idea of entering the more automotive related branches of engineering. But this recent talk of space exploration has jump started my love of space to a level I haven't felt since I was looking at STS-135 sitting on the launch pad; and before that, since I was a child. In college, I plan to pursue aerospace/aeronautical engineering. Sadly I have realized that NASA is in it's worst shape in decades. The current state of American space exploration saddens me. We (America) had many big plans and now we have the technology to accomplish them, but nobody seems interested in funding these dreams anymore. What I'm worried about is the lack of jobs for people entering into the field. I know some of you out there are in the industry, what do you feel is the future? Would I be better off leaning my education towards the automotive industry, or is it still viable to pursue my dreams of working for NASA or its Canadian counterpart (dual citizen FTW)


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