This is something that I’ve been wondering about - is it possible to import a car into Canada after 15 years that the manufacturer has requested to be disallowed for import?

The particular example that I’m curious about is a Tesla Model S. Tesla has requested that people not be allowed to import them into Canada. As stated here, “A few years ago, Tesla asked the Registrar of Imported Vehicles of Canada to remove Model S from its list of admissible vehicles for import from the United States”. Because of this, it isn’t possible to buy a Model S in the US, and import it. But if that vehicle is more than 15 years old, does that restriction still apply?

Now as to whether a Model S is worth importing after 15 years is another question altogether. The first ones were produced in 2012, so that wouldn’t make them eligible until at least 2027, which is a long way out. I suspect by then there will be more affordable electric options than importing a 15 year old car. Still, this has me curious.