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I have a question regarding students in high school. As many of you know, I'm 16 now and in the middle of high school. something about it has been bothering me a lot. The dumb actions of kids. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CARS! I want to know about your high school experiences since so many of you are from so many generations. Thanks!

All I hear lately is kids saying how drunk they got the other night or how good that weed was. I got offered some some pot brownies last week. Every day, there is a group of kids smoking those E-cigs in the bathroom. Here is my question, were all kids in high school like this? I wouldn't know and its not something I can simply ask my parents.


I don't ever do that stuff. I've never had any alcohol, never done any drugs, never smoked, never anything really dangerous. I get my thrills by driving. That is my ecstacy. But for so many of these kids, they need to use drugs and drink to feel anything. Is this just a recent problem with our (my) generation or was it like this for you too?

Another thing that bothers me is the sex. All these kids do is have sex. We have freshmen coming in who are already pregnant. Another local high school which has a day care for the student moms, is over-capacity from all the teen mothers. Were kids always doing it this young? Just the other day, two kids got caught fucking in the handicapped bathroom stall during class.

I know this sounds crazy. But I really want to know. It has been bothering me for quite some time now. I feel that I cannot fit in down here because I don't do stupid shit. The worst part is I'm in the good part of town at the good school in my county. Its relatively wealthy and built up and I'm in no way in a drug infested bad town.

Thanks for your input. Image from a GIS of "High school cars" and it was the first to show up. Poor kid. At least its a convertible.

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