Those of you who have experienced it, or are experiencing it, how long till those three pesky, yet powerful words were blurter out? I'm in a relationship, and it's pretty serious (post the damn ND picture, I don't care). I consider myself more of a romantic in the sense that I don't want to be with someone if my heart isn't in it. It might sound stupid or foolish, but even though I'm in college, I going for the end game. Not into hookups or anything temporary. Not worth my time or money. More than anything, any car, I want to be happy, and to me that means being with someone I love and loves me back. I'd drive a Prius for the rest of my life if it guaranteed my happiness with the one I love. Now, I must say, I'm not scared, confused, or anything like that while writing this post. I'm simply writing this to ask the first question. Who said it first, what was the response, how long did it take? I ended up saying it two months in, so about three weeks ago. She said she wasn't ready to say it yet. And I'm glad she didn't. Tells me that she takes this seriously. For now, I'm just coasting along making her happy as can be and patiently waiting. Thanks for reading and/or commenting. I know it's not about cars. Just wanted to hear your thoughts. Also, if I seem crazy as fuck, tell me why. I don't want to be delusional. But, I must add that everyone keeps telling me how lucky I am and how perfect the two of us are together. And, our parents get along. For some more info about this, there is this old post.