I think I want to get my mechanic a gift. Is that weird? What would be appropriate? What do mechanics in general need? Gojo, zip ties, beef jerky? Is a $20 bill offensive?

Months back I paid this mechanic to change my fuel pump, because I didn’t have the time or space. He was straight, so later on when I had this weird intermittent roughness I couldn’t figure out I dropped it off at their shop. He looked it over for three days, said it ran “textbook fine”, and handed me my keys back. He didn’t try and swindle or push any products.

He said it was probably just bad gas. So I took the car no problems.

Problems came back. I started running Torque graphs of various sensors. Car sporadically runs lean/rich and misfires randomly. Only in spurts though. I realize only when it’s humid/raining. I remember this mechanic saying, after I described my problems and before he looked over my car that it could be a fuel delivery issue, bad gas, or the coolant sensor. Never would have thought to even check the coolant sensors, but I leave a coolant temp graph up on my dash when a good storm came through. Sure enough, the graph occasionally dips down to freezing; it’s so brief that I don’t even notice it on my cluster gauge. Dips are directly tied to fuel mixture and misfires.

Problem looks like it’ll only take a few bucks to fix.

So I feel like I should get this guy something. What? I dunno.