When you floor the accelerator pedal in my car (which of course I never do, because speeding is illegal, so this is all hypothetical) it hits a little black stopper, like a doorstop on a wall, rather than going to the firewall. However, I discovered that by jabbing it acutely with my toe, I can make it "click" and go a little further. It's like it has 2 separate "floored" positions. Let this video demonstrate:

That thunking you here is the pedal going from the first "stopping point" to the second "stopping point". Not only that, but this added accelerator movement, from "floored" to floored, does increase acceleration. So what's up with this? Is it a safety feature designed to keep people from gunning it all the time? Or is it a design flaw? Or do I have a unique car that has a secret warp speed no one else's car has?