This is the headlight on our X3. This headlight setup has quite a few functions. When it is “off” you have the LED “angel eye” running lights, a favorite detail of mine. You have turn signals. You have fog lights below the headlights, which also come on during cornering or when the turn signals are activated. Then, you have the headlights themselves. The outside bulb, which I have circled in blue, serves as the normal headlights. It is also an adaptive headlight, so it swivels as you turn and goes up and down as you crest hills and big bumps. The high-beams are simply a brighter setting on that same bulb. It’s not uncommon on cars with HIDs to have the high-beams be another setting on the existing lights. But here’s the weird bit: unlike most HID cars, the X3 still has an inside set of bulbs, which I circled in red. On a normal car, this is the high-beam bulb. On the X3, I cannot seem to do anything to get this inside bulb to activate. As far as I can tell it’s not even a bulb, but a glass bulb lookalike to give the angel eyes something to wrap around. Tell me, Oppo, what do these mysterious lights do and how are they activated?